The Great Canadian Harvest

I was in the middle of Tanzania, Africa. I had seen 150 evangelists bring 864K souls to Jesus in 3 months. Then 120 evangelists bring over 500K to Jesus 3 months later.

Suddenly, I understood the combines on the field. Canadian Proclamation Evangelists clearing fields as comrades to see Canada saved! Combine Harvesters for Jesus!

Since then we have trained over 60 preachers and seen well over 200 people trained in evangelism and over 600 Canadian souls saved in just a few months. This is not just for Africa, the gospel works in Canada because it’s God’s power to save!

Canadian souls saved since Feb. 28th 2022:

Gospel shares

We are establishing the Canadian Evangelism Alliance to train and collaborate with proclamation evangelists and soul winners to see 1 Million Canadian Souls Saved and 1 Million Cold Canadian Baptisms in 10 years.

Mass salvation events
one to one evangelism
youth events
preaching to groups
training, equipping, and mobilizing churches

Leading Collaborators

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Are you called to preach salvation?

Evangelist Lorensia Kuhanga

Evangelist Tyrelle Smith taught me to be bold, be able to share the gospel with people…

Evangelist Lemont Shingoose

This training changed me to be bold and share my faith anywhere and to anyone and…

Canadian Proclamation evangelists are clearing harvest fields together. Canada is being saved!